Wednesday, 16 January 2013

Albany Quilt Block Pattern


Traditionally, the Albany quilt block is made using a pink and purple that have a big contrast, but I decided that I wanted to make it with two fabrics that gave a less stark contrast.

So I made it using one plain and one patterned blue fabric and I can assure you that they are different fabrics, although in the photo they seem to have melded into one.  I didn't think that the photos of this block would be particularly helpful to you so I made it again as shown above in the traditional colours for the Albany quilt block. 

To make this quilt block pattern as a 16" block you will need eight 2.1/2" white squares and four each 2.1/2" pink and blue squares.  In 2.7/8" squares for the half square triangles you'll need eight each of pink/blue, pink/white and blue/white.

 Lay the squares out in eight rows of eight.  As ever, the simplest way to lay them out is to look at the larger shapes formed by several squares - I laid out all the white squares and half square triangles first and then just filled in with the other two colours.

 This photo shows the first four rows in more detail so that you can see the placement more clearly.

The bottom four rows are the same as the first four rows, just upside down.  Sew the squares together across each row and then sew the rows together to complete the quilt block.

I have to admit that I am still rather taken with the first version that I made in the blue plain and patterned fabrics.

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Peter @ QuilttemplatesM said...

An interesting quilt block. Thanks for the blog!