Tuesday, 1 January 2013

Happy New Year

What a wonderful year 2012 was!  Happy New Year to all - here's hoping that 2013 will be just as good.  Here in Ludlow we have begun the year with a full day of brilliant sunshine - that's not something we have seen very often.  I felt that this jelly roll quilt was quite appropriate for the day.  It's made out of a jelly roll and has a summery feel to it.

After several requests, I have started putting some of my videos on to DVD.  It means that quilters can look at the videos on their TV (better resolution and no ads!) and they get the printed instructions along with the DVD.  This year I am hoping to increase the number of quilting DVDs available.

Last week I made a cat quilt showing the back of a cat sitting on a window ledge looking out at the stars.  He could have been seeing the old year out or welcoming the new year in, but now I've had several requests for something similar but with a dog, so I'll have to have a think about that one.

 I've just finished a quilt that is very loosely based on the leap frog quilt block.  As happens so often, I didn't expect all the extra design features that popped up when several blocks were sewn together.  These aren't my usual fabric colours, but it's fun trying something different every now and then.  Usually, I end up managing to put blue somewhere in most of my quilts.

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