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 Sometimes I just like to play with quilt block elements and see what turns up.  Does that sound a bit sad?  I made several of this four patch block so that I could play around with different arrangements.  I'm calling it the Rose Block for want of any better name.  The four squares in the top right of the block are what I tend to think of as a rosebud, which is where the name came from. 

The block is made using five 2.1/2" white squares, four 2.1/2" light blue squares and two dark blue 2.1/2" squares.  In addition you'll need one 2.7/8" square each in dark blue/white and two 2.7/8" squares in light blue/white.  You'll only need three of the light blue/white half square triangles.

The options for layout now are amazing:  the easiest way to describe them is by looking at where the dark blue corner squares are.  In this fairly uninteresting layout the squares are all facing the same way and the blue squares are always bottom left.

Rotate the blocks so that the dark blue square is on the outer corners of the larger block and you get quite an interesting square on point in the middle.

 Place the dark blue squares all in the middle and you get something a bit like a shoofly quilt block - but more interesting.

And finally place the dark blue squares so that they form a pair at the top and the bottom and you get two larger triangles joining at the tip.  I can imagine any one of these layouts in a quilt - or even all four of them in one quilt, now I come to think of it.


 Much to my delight I have made the January block for the Lucky Stars block of the month - only just in time before the end of the month.  The instructions provided are very clear and I'm looking forward to getting February's block now.

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