Saturday, 5 January 2013

Quilt Block Patterns - Harmony Square Block


harmony square quilt block
Some quilt blocks have a really restful feel to them.  The harmony square quilt block is definitely one of them.  I have a failing for blue anyway, but even so ....

I've made it here as a 20" block using squares and half square triangles only, which makes it very simple to put together.

Total cutting requirements: 
five light blue 4.1/2" squares for the corners and centre
four each light blue and white 4.7/8" squares for the hst's around the corner squares
four white 4.1/2" squares to go in the centre of each edge of the block
eight 2.1/2" dark blue squares for the corners of the inner square and of the smaller white square
four each dark blue and light blue 2.7/8" squares for the hst's either side of the dark blue corners
four each dark blue and white 4.1/2" by 2.1/2" rectangles for the edges of the central square.

harmony square quilt blockThe squares are laid out in five rows and I think that you can see how it goes together from this.  The small squares at the corners of the dark blue square need to be sewn together to make four patch units and the rectangles need to be sewn together before the three middle rows can be sewn together.

harmony square quilt block pattern

Once the squares have been sewn across each row it is simply a case of sewing the rows together.

bow tie quilt pattern
I had a major panic getting this week's newsletter out on time as my computer is still playing up.  Don't you just hate it when they sit there and ignore you or tell you that you are not connected to the internet.  Anyway, I made it in the end.  It's a bow tie quilt using both traditional and 3D bow tie quilt blocks and I was able to use up stash fabric, which always pleases me.

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