Tuesday, 12 March 2013

Craftsy Blocks of the Month


It's good to start catching up on quilting again.  I began with the craftsy blocks of the month because they tend to be quicker to make.  The one on the left is the February block and the larger one is the March block.

The February block is a partial seam block.  I posted a partial seam block on my website some time ago, the bright hopes quilt block, so that was fairly quick to make.  The neat touch with this one was using five strips of fabric sewn together for the squares.  That gave a pretty look to the block.

The March block is a series of square in a square.  Usually I would have made this with a whole lot of half square triangles, but I decided to follow their method and begin with a full square, adding triangles on each edge to give the various layers.  I probably kept the corners of the square more pointed with this method.

So now I really feel that I am getting back to normal.  Tomorrow I'll try and do a few of the other bom's that I have signed up for.  I thought that I had finished the quilt for Friday's newsletter but then I realised that the design would not be symmetrical unless I made another row of blocks, so that's this evening taken care of.

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