Saturday, 9 March 2013


Crossed Squares Quilt Block Pattern

I'm starting to relax a little now after last week's stressing over my new website.  I think that some of the links from the old website aren't working properly yet, but I'm hoping that will sort itself out over the next few days.  So now I'm doing what I enjoy most - quilting.  I've made the crossed squares quilt block.  It's one of Nancy Cabot's and it ended up 20" square - not many would be needed for a quilt.  I keep typing it as 'cross' squares - I think that must be an indication of my mental state!.

Altogether it took sixty four 2.7/8" squares in both red and white, twelve 2.1/2" red squares and twenty four 2.1/2" white squares.  It's classified as a ten patch block, which is quite unusual, but it went together really quickly.  Completely straightforward:  ten rows of ten and sew them all together.  You can see the top five rows and then the bottom five are the same.

I've had several requests for quilt patterns so I'm going to make a start on next Friday's pattern soon but before that I'm determined to catch up on all the February blocks of the month that I didn't have time to do before.  Otherwise I feel sure that I'll end up with too much of a backlog and find myself putting them off forever.

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