Saturday, 13 April 2013

Finishing Quilts


I'm giving a talk next week to a group of quilters and I thought that it would be nice to take a greater proportion of finished quilts with me, rather than a pile of quilt tops.  It's my aim to finish more quilts this year anyway, so this was as good a time as any to start putting that into practice.  I managed to finish the window cat quilt, which pleased me.  I've used curvey lines for the cat itself, meander quilting for the sky and the blue frame with crosshatching in the white window frame.

Next I found a couple of quilts that only needed the binding putting on, so they were quite quick to finish off.   This one was a quilt as you go project so it had been quilted when I made it.

This star quilt was a lap quilt so that didn't take too long to finish off.  I can't believe that I got as far as quilting it before I discovered the mistakes that I had made in the piecing.  There was no way I could unpick enough to correct the mistakes, so they just stayed in the quilt.

I was really pleased with the storm at sea quilt block that I managed to make without templates, using just squares, rectangles and triangles.  I think this is definitely one that I will make again.

Now I must sort out my quilts into some sort of order for the talk.  That's a major undertaking!

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Hope to see you again soon.


Judy said...

I've been told those 'mistakes' are really new design features you are trying out. LOL

Rose Smith said...

Of course they are, Judy - I just forgot to mention that!