Tuesday, 21 May 2013


Is it cheating when you choose your smallest quilt top to finish?  Some weeks I get so bogged down in lots of different projects that it feels really good to get something finished - even if it is a small project.  This Jacobs Ladder quilt is small but I like it because it's quite eyecatching and it's a perfect beginner quilting project.

I used some simple quilting designs, but they don't really show up in the photo.  For the pale blue sections I used a general meander quilting while for the black sections I used echo quilting but with a line of stitching running down the middle of each shape so that I could move from one shape to the next along the diagonal lines.  For the border I used circle quilting - partly because I wanted some more practice at it.

I have been asked many times for a tumbling blocks tutorial and I made a start on a design for it yesterday, but there is no way that I will get it finished and written up in time for this week's newsletter.  I've got another idea for this week's quilt and the tumbling blocks will have to wait another week or two - another addition to my unfinished projects pile for now.

I am one of the sponsors of the tapestry exhibition opening at Ironbridge today so I am really looking forward to heading over there this morning to see it.  I'll bring you some photos and details tomorrow.

I'm entering the Jacobs Ladder as a baby quilt with Amy's Creative Side in her amazing Blogger's Quilt Festival:


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