Sunday, 19 May 2013


On Wednesday I went to a workshop to try and get to know my overlocker.  Mine came from a supermarket and is about as basic as they come.  Perhaps a false economy.  The other students seemed to be whizzing away on their machines in no time at all, while I was still plodding away trying to figure out how to open up the sections of the machine never mind threading  the four different threads.  I didn't really succeed at any of the different types of overlocking that we were shown to use which was quite depressing.  The instructor,  Lorna Knight, was amazing - so talented.  Anyway, this morning I set up the machine and was so happy when it did everything that I asked of it.  Overlocking an edge is so quick - I have loads of individual quilt blocks from when I write the tutorials and I've decided that if I just back them and overlock the edges they will be great for shelf linings.

Thursday I was out all day again - off down to London for an indulgent day out.  Lunch with two of the children was followed by a trip to Liberty's - one of my favourite shops.  They are having a week celebrating their 138th anniversary and the shop was full of things happening.  The scarf department (always a treat to visit) had these two cars flying above it.  Of course, my main reason for visiting was to see the fabric department, but I didn't actually see any fabrics that I couldn't live without.  That's quite unusual for me!

After that I headed off to the Victorian and Albert Museum.  It's free and has the most astonishing variety of different sections.  Do try and visit it if you are in London.  I was fascinated by the Fashion section.  They had displays covering a huge range of time but I particularly loved this Christian Dior display.  I probably saw a tenth of the sections so will just have to make many more visits to London.

Naturally Friday was spent in a mad rush to get the quilt finished for the newsletter.  I made it only just in time.  This week's pattern was the one that I have shown you in bits over the last week or so.  It's ended up as a bright and cheerful quilt pattern that I'm calling the Square and Star quilt.

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