Monday, 10 June 2013


The Aurifil bom for June is a pretty quilt block that's quite straightforward to put together.  It's called Magic Star so I thought that it was appropriate to fussy cut a Celtic symbol for the central square.  I'm pleased with the way that it has turned out. 

I finished another quilt block yesterday that worked out quite well.  This was another one for which I had been sent a photo of a quilt and asked to identify the block.  In fact the wraparound block is made with diamonds, but I simplified it by using squares and it still makes a striking block.  The rows are sewn together along the diagonal rather than horizontally.

I'm working on a window dog quilt to go with my window cat quilt, but haven't got the dog recognisable enough yet to be able to show you a photo.  I quite like the idea of having a matching pair, even though I have sold the cat quilt - I'll have to make another as soon as I finish the dog!

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