Monday, 3 June 2013


Don't you just love star quilt blocks?  This one is called the union star quilt block and it is pretty and simple - two things that I approve of in a quilt block!  To make it you need four dark blue 2.1/2" squares and four white 2.1/2" squares with four 2.7/8" squares in both dark blue and white and ten 2.7/8" squares in light blue and white.

Make half square triangles with all the 2.7/8" squares.  I've shown the layout here with just the dark blue and white squares first.  I think that it makes it easier to see how the quilt block comes together.  The dark blue/white half square triangles are placed so that they form larger dark blue triangles pointing inwards.

Then you just need to add all the light blue/white half square triangles.  As you can see, they are placed to form larger triangles in white pointing outwards.  Sew the squares together across each row and then sew the rows together to complete the union star quilt block.

I finished another quilt this weekend which is pleasing.  I kept the quilting really simple using cross hatch quilting but outlining each batik square on my way across the diagonals.  Only the first diagonals have been quilted in the photo.

I have almost finished quilting the star wall hanging and I have loved doing it.  I've used several different quilting designs and I hope that I should be able to show it to you soon.

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