Monday, 8 July 2013


Flower wall hanging
Finished except for the binding!  I have so enjoyed making this flower wall hanging.  I thought that I would have plenty of time to do the hand sewing on it while I watched Andy Murray at Wimbledon, but in the event the tennis was too exciting and I hardly touched my sewing yesterday!  Originally I had planned on using the batik for the binding but I don't think that will work so my plan now is to use the white for the binding.

Echo quilting
I could do a lot more quilting but I have decided to stop with the flower outlines and let the fabrics speak for themselves.  Well, maybe a quilted flower in each corner ..... and perhaps some cross hatching in the black outer border .....

Four seasons quilt
Last week's project was a four seasons quilt using the weathervane quilt block.  I had planned on separating the seasons out with sashing but it would have been a shame to split up the white squares and diamonds so I abandoned the sashing idea.

I've decided to start giving quilting workshops and I've been pleased with the response to that.  I booked a local village hall for the first Saturday that was free and then found that it was the weekend of the Festival of Quilts, so I had to change that - who would come to a workshop when they could go to the Festival!

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