Monday, 24 June 2013

Mosaic Tile Quilt Block

Mosaic tile quilt block
This quilt block was called Mosaic by Nancy Cabot and the Ladies Art Company, but I rather like the alternative name of Zigzag Tile Quilt Block.  It's dead easy and only needs sixteen half square triangle units to make.  I've used several different black patterned fabrics, but of course you could use eight different fabrics with one background fabric if you chose.

Mosaic quilt block layout
The only point to watch is which way you place the half square triangles, but other than that it's just a case of laying them out and sewing them together.

On Saturday I went to the National Quilt Championships taking place at the Sandown Park Race Course.  I so wish that I could bring you some photos, but there were signs everywhere saying that photos could only be used with the written permission of Grosvenor, which of course I don't have.  There were displays of quilts by Liz Jones who lives not far from Ludlow amongst several others - I spent a thoroughly enjoyable few hours there and then went to see my daughter who lives in London so it was a great day overall.

Octagon quilt
I made an octagon quilt for last week's project on the website.  It could be used as a table topper or a picnic quilt and many quilters have come up with different ideas for uses - usually involving dogs or children!

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Sunday, 16 June 2013


Do I feel smug, or what!  We've had another foul weekend weather wise and I now have one quilt finished, one half quilted and one layered and waiting for quilting.  The part quilted Bethlehem Star shown above is one I've been wanting to get stuck in on for a long time, so I'm really pleased to have begun that.  So far I have quilted the central star with lines, the white around it with micro stippling (well, as micro as I am capable of doing), and a series of lines encircling the central area.  I'm still thinking about what to do with the rest of it, but at least all the quilting is now going to be nearer the edges.

The finished quilt is just a small one that I made some time ago using the Burgoyne Surrounded quilt block.  All I have done there is meander quilting on all the lilac fabric so it wasn't really much work, but it is bound and completely finished.

The layered quilt is one that I called the Truffle pinwheel, named by my daughter after our dog.  I'm planning radiating lines from the middle to the edges.  Once they are done I can decide whether I need any more quilting between the lines.  All in all quite a productive weekend and now I feel that I can settle down to watch Andy Murray playing tennis without a tinge of guilt.

This week's project on the website was a medallion quilt which turned out quite well.  I was using it to showcase the ocean waves fabric, but of course it could be used to showcase any pretty fabrics.

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Monday, 10 June 2013


The Aurifil bom for June is a pretty quilt block that's quite straightforward to put together.  It's called Magic Star so I thought that it was appropriate to fussy cut a Celtic symbol for the central square.  I'm pleased with the way that it has turned out. 

I finished another quilt block yesterday that worked out quite well.  This was another one for which I had been sent a photo of a quilt and asked to identify the block.  In fact the wraparound block is made with diamonds, but I simplified it by using squares and it still makes a striking block.  The rows are sewn together along the diagonal rather than horizontally.

I'm working on a window dog quilt to go with my window cat quilt, but haven't got the dog recognisable enough yet to be able to show you a photo.  I quite like the idea of having a matching pair, even though I have sold the cat quilt - I'll have to make another as soon as I finish the dog!

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Sunday, 9 June 2013


Where did this week go?  I see that I have only blogged once this week.  So, what I have been working on?   I finished the double star quilt block which I have made into a wall hanging.  I loved doing the quilting - so much space!

I used a dark thread to stitch in the ditch on all the dark star shapes and then I changed to my favourite all round quilting thread - Aurifil Mako ne 50/2.  I use this for piecing and for quilting because it's such a lovely smooth thread and gives brilliant results.  Perhaps I should whisper this - it's also much easier to unpick than some threads because it's so smooth - not that I would want you t think that I spend much time unpicking!  I quilted a flower shape in all the smaller white spaces and then a feather wreath in the corners.

Now I have started quilting the Bethlehem Star quilt.  So far this is all straight lines, but I am using my darning foot so that I don't have to swivel the quilt with every change of direction.  This one is going to take quite a lot longer than the double star did.

I was sent some photos of two vintage quilts and asked to identify the quilt blocks used.  The first one was the Crosses and losses quilt block - simple to make and very versatile,   The second one is also a simple block but it is made with diamonds and I want to try and see how similar I can make it using squares instead.

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Monday, 3 June 2013


Don't you just love star quilt blocks?  This one is called the union star quilt block and it is pretty and simple - two things that I approve of in a quilt block!  To make it you need four dark blue 2.1/2" squares and four white 2.1/2" squares with four 2.7/8" squares in both dark blue and white and ten 2.7/8" squares in light blue and white.

Make half square triangles with all the 2.7/8" squares.  I've shown the layout here with just the dark blue and white squares first.  I think that it makes it easier to see how the quilt block comes together.  The dark blue/white half square triangles are placed so that they form larger dark blue triangles pointing inwards.

Then you just need to add all the light blue/white half square triangles.  As you can see, they are placed to form larger triangles in white pointing outwards.  Sew the squares together across each row and then sew the rows together to complete the union star quilt block.

I finished another quilt this weekend which is pleasing.  I kept the quilting really simple using cross hatch quilting but outlining each batik square on my way across the diagonals.  Only the first diagonals have been quilted in the photo.

I have almost finished quilting the star wall hanging and I have loved doing it.  I've used several different quilting designs and I hope that I should be able to show it to you soon.

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