Monday, 24 June 2013

Mosaic Tile Quilt Block

Mosaic tile quilt block
This quilt block was called Mosaic by Nancy Cabot and the Ladies Art Company, but I rather like the alternative name of Zigzag Tile Quilt Block.  It's dead easy and only needs sixteen half square triangle units to make.  I've used several different black patterned fabrics, but of course you could use eight different fabrics with one background fabric if you chose.

Mosaic quilt block layout
The only point to watch is which way you place the half square triangles, but other than that it's just a case of laying them out and sewing them together.

On Saturday I went to the National Quilt Championships taking place at the Sandown Park Race Course.  I so wish that I could bring you some photos, but there were signs everywhere saying that photos could only be used with the written permission of Grosvenor, which of course I don't have.  There were displays of quilts by Liz Jones who lives not far from Ludlow amongst several others - I spent a thoroughly enjoyable few hours there and then went to see my daughter who lives in London so it was a great day overall.

Octagon quilt
I made an octagon quilt for last week's project on the website.  It could be used as a table topper or a picnic quilt and many quilters have come up with different ideas for uses - usually involving dogs or children!

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